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The Compassionate Heart Award recognizes a voice in the community that drives local support for childhood cancer patients, always with compassion to hasten the day of a world without cancer. Each year, the recipient encourages the American cancer society and the construction community to grow construction vs Cancer in order to help more families fighting cancer.

Congratulations Nevada Subcontractors Association

This year we are thrilled to announce Nevada Subcontractors Association as the 2023 Compassionate Heart Award recipient. Their commitment to the fight against cancer through this event has been nothing short of remarkable. year after year, they have been a pillar of support, and we are immensely grateful for their increased involvement this year, bringing in their trade partners to strengthen the industry's engagement in this community event. we honored them earlier this week as this year's compassionate heart honoree, which celebrates individuals, companies, and associations who play a pivotal role in rallying local support for childhood cancer patients with unwavering compassion, all in the pursuit of a cancer-free world.


Nevada Subcontractors Association


Greg Korte


Mike Sukeyasu


Las Vegas Paving


John McLaury


Criss Angel

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